Quality Thin Films, Inc. is regarded as a leader in the coating industry.  Up-to-date technology, superior process control and attention to detail have put us at the forefront.  Our staff has a combined 200 years experience in the manufacturing of thin film coatings, gained at such companies as Perkin Elmer, Elcan, Hughes, and Coherent.

QTF has developed a reputation for taking on the most difficult assignments and producing the finest precision laser optic coatings in the photonics industry.  Our thin film coatings often exceed the specifications of our customers.

We are continuing to make ground breaking developments in many areas including Damage Threshold, Doubler and Tripler LBO Coatings and Ultra Durable Oxide Coatings for 3-5 microns.  Regardless of your needs, QTF's engineers will evaluate your design and work closely with you to develop high quality, cost effective solutions for all optical components.

All of our equipment and tooling is designed and assembled in house to ensure the functionality of our proprietary coating technique and proper fitment of parts and optical components. Developed and proven process control ensures reliability and repeatibility of all our coating processes.

  • We Coat:
    Fused Silica      BK7        ZGP       CaF2       MgF2      Si            ZnSe      ZnS Cleartran
    Germanium       YAG       YALO     YLF        KTP        YVO4     PPLN     PPSLT
    LBO        AMTIR        Doped Phosphate Glass         Flint Glass

  • Coatings:
    Superior and Proven High Damage Coatings
    Multi-band Low Loss Coating
    Severe Abrasion Oxide Coating at 3-5 microns
    Doubler and Tripler LBO Coatings
    Cavity Optics: 1, 2, & 3 micron Coatings
    Infrared: 3-5 micron and 8-12 micron Coatings

  • Coating Equipment and Methods:
    8 Box Coaters: 30 - 42" with a maximum optics size of 16" Diameter
    Electron Beam Evaporation
    Resistive Evaporation
    Ion Assisted Deposition
    High Energy Plasma Assisted Deposition

  • Metrology:
    Perkin Elmer Lambda 900 for UV, VIS, NIR Measurement
    Perkin Elmer Lambda 1050 for Absolute Reflectance
    Perkin Elmer Spectro GX for Infrared Measurement
    Zygo GPI XP Inferometer Post-Coating Flats and Wedges
    Micro-Vu 400x Digital Microscope and Video Imaging






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