At Quality Thin Films, Inc., our paramount to providing superior optical components is the ability to test and verify each component at every step of production.  It is our goal to continually invest heavily in our Testing and Measurement equipment, insuring that our customers receive the highest quality products every time, on time.  “It’s In the Name” is not just Quality Thin Film’s slogan, our dedication to quality is integrated into our process and customer satisfaction has always been the main focus of our company.

  • Cleanroom:
    Fully equipped and humidity controlled cleanroom facilities
    Automated 5-Station aqueous cleaning system

  • Quality Control and Testing:
    Envirotronics SH8C Humidity and Environmental Testing Chamber
    Micro-Vu 400x Digital Microscope and Video Imaging

  • Thin Film Metrology:
    Perkin Elmer Lambda 900 for UV, VIS, NIR Measurement
    Perkin Elmer Lambda 1050 for Absolute Reflectance
    Perkin Elmer Spectro GX for Infrared Measurement
    Zygo GPI XP Inferometer Post-Coating Flats and Wedges

  • Fabrication and Polishing Metrology:
    Mitutoyo Digital Micrometers
    Nikon and Muller Wendel Autocollimators
    Strasbaugh and LOH Spherometers
    Zygo GPI XP Inferometer Flats and Wedges
    Zygo GPI XP-HD Inferometer Radius
    Micro-Vu 400x Digital Microscope and Video Imaging


Perkin Elmer Spectrophotometers
Envirotronics Humidity and Environmental Chamber

Programmable Aqueous Cleaning System

Zygo Flatness and Wedge Measurement

Zygo Flatness and Wedge Measurement

Staffed Cleanroom Facilities

Micro-Vu Video Measurement System




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